Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Posie Patchwork limp bits challenge

I thought it would be a fun idea to give the posie limp bits challenge a go.
I decided to make porcini mushroom, parsley and chicken pies from Donna hay's not time to cook recipe book.
they were fun to make and even more delicious.
it doesn't exactly look as perfect as it was in the book but i am sure it tasted the same.
The parsley went really well with it.
It was a big hit with everyone going back for seconds!

Next weeks challenge is craft. Check out posies post here for more info

Love Possum


  1. That looks really yummy Possum!!

    I like your plates :P


  2. Oh congratulations Possum, it looks so delicious. Thanks for joining in with Limp Bits, you've done brilliantly & i love parsley, we have successfully grown it all through Winter here in Canberra. That recipe looks simply fantastic. Love Posie

  3. Hey Possum, you have won a silver medal in the Posie Limp Bits cooking challenge, as well as the 600th post crafty giveaway, enjoy, love Posie

  4. Hi rachel, its laura.

    I just wanted to say, in a joking way,
    You stole my name

    Love from Laura